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Getting over it versus dealing with it 0

Getting over it versus dealing with it

Do you believe in this ‘getting over it’ thing (Getting over it versus dealing with it) If you are meeting this phrase (getting over) for the first time, then for a definition please accept...

I still have me 0

Life has to continue

It should never end there… Life has to continue HEART BREAKS AND BREAKUPS “But were things not working for us? Okay, maybe not for us, but for me? Was ours not going to be...

Fulfill your purpose 0

Everybody has a place

You belong SOMEWHERE It is common to hear among students at the university that a particular field of profession is flooded and that there are very little chances of getting a job after completing...

You cannot be perfect but can become better 0

Admitting you were wrong

You cannot be perfect ‘Man is to error’ this just talks about how we all must have a flaw in order qualify to be human beings. It is true that we sometimes might look...

Know your pace 1

Learn to slow down

TAME YOUR PACE ‘If you want to go fast then go alone, but to get far you have to go with others’ we must have heard this from someone or read it somewhere. Is...


You spoil them!

You are the reason they are SPOILT! We don’t choose where we are born. We never wrote an application letter to be born there and we can’t even change it. We should embrace it...

Who your friends are 0

You will be Next

You will definitely be next You have nine drunkard friends, call yourself the tenth. If four of your closest friend are thieves be sure to become the fifth. The same way, if four of...

Let us be patience 0


Answer to yesterday’s question¬† There is only one thing you could do to a budding flower become whole and fully developed. That is giving it enough time to mature and become completely developed. Forcing...

fully developed flower 1

Tell me what you think

What can you do to the flower below to make it become a fully developed flower? There must be a way to make this flower open up into a completely developed flower with bright...

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