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Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Odhiambo Rabuogi
Simon Rabuogi

I am a talented person in various field. I major in arts and technology as my key areas. With arts, it has been easy for me to express my thoughts and ideas. Arts has always been my first language because even without uttering a single word, a properly done artwork says it all and everybody can follow. Following that, I have always appreciated good, music with nice vocalists and instrumentalist, my ear knows how to judge that 👂👂👂.

Good painting and drawing can never pass my attention as I am able to see it all at a glance. Plus very many other areas that accommodate artwork, such as poetry, storytelling, dance and stage performance, fashion, architectural designs, and motor engineering.

As for technology, it runs through my veins especially with the understanding technology is the way forward. It is advancing at a very high rate. New technological inventions and innovations are taking place every day and we have to keep ourselves updated.

That aside, I am a believer. Not talking about a denomination but some aspects of life. I believe in good, love and other virtues in life. Good becomes my favorite, because, from good come a lot more good. IT IS GOOD THAT CAN YIELD GOOD.  Just as we all know that there is no way you can invest in wrong-doing and expect good as a result. This should not rule out the fact that bad things are also happening around us at the same time.

Doing good or bad is a choice we all have to make, no one should make that for us. Choices have consequences; we all understand that. Because I understand very well that at the end of the day what goes around comes back around, and that, I did something good or bad in the past and time is coming to face the consequences, I will always and again choose to do good and right. Doing good should not be because someone is going to question us if we do otherwise but instead, it should be a self-motivated act that we do with the understanding that all is on us. Doing good only benefits ourselves as it makes us feel better and become better people. It develops a better version of our own selves.

It is because of believing in good that I love good stories and moral tales. A good story ignites a change and inspires the listener, reader or the viewer to emulate a moral or two from it, and that is a positive change.  That forms the foundation of my website. The objectives are, to inspire someone out there, with a story, motivate another with a line of words and change the others’ mentality to being positive.

That is who I am in brief.  Adios!👋