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You cannot be perfect but can become better 0

Admitting you were wrong

You cannot be perfect ‘Man is to error’ this just talks about how we all must have a flaw in order qualify to be human beings. It is true that we sometimes might look...

Let us talk 0

You are never alone!

Things have happened, are now happening and will still happen in the future. We have heard it somewhere or read from somewhere that ‘everything happens for a season and a reason. So maybe this...

Good, better or bad 0

Better is the Way

Being a language lover, this morning something really hit me so hard. It is from a conversation I was following in one of my favorite Sunday television shows. It is something to do with...

The gift of loving 0

The gift of loving

Have you ever taken time to think about what love is? Love is simply a strong affection, a profound affection towards someone or a feeling of care and mercy towards people or living beings...

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