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You belong SOMEWHERE

It is common to hear among students at the university that a particular field of profession is flooded and that there are very little chances of getting a job after completing studies. This could be true or not depending on what you choose to believe but there is another way to approach this.

discover your purpose

there is a reason you exist

As you were applying for university courses, you were given an opportunity to make more than a choice for a course and the university providing that particular course. So being selected and offered a course at the university you are currently studying is not by coincidence. There is a purpose for you there. The point is, people might discourage you with this ‘the field is flooded’ thing but you should understand that you have a purpose in that field. There is a place for you there and all you need to do is to exploit your potential and get into the field properly baked. It is then that you will be able to see a gap in the field and approach it as a problem solver, an entrepreneur rather than an employee. You will be an inventor or innovator.

Generally, in life, everybody has got a purpose. And as it is true that everything has a reason and a season then, it cannot be an accident or a coincident that we are alive today. We have a purpose in life and it is our responsibility to know what our purpose is and how to go about it. A person who realizes that there is a purpose he or she exists and pursues it lives a fulfilling life or otherwise we will die regretting the reason we even lived in the first place.

Pursue your purpose

Discover your purpose and pursue it

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

I am a believer in good. A good that when we add to everything then we afford to lead the perfect lives we have all desired to have. Being a storyteller, I love good stories, because, after the tale, everybody walks home enlightened, motivated, inspired and can become a different person altogether.

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