Getting over it versus dealing with it

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Do you believe in this ‘getting over it’ thing (Getting over it versus dealing with it)

If you are meeting this phrase (getting over) for the first time, then for a definition please accept this (overcoming or recovering from a bad experience)
Having made that understood, what do you relate with it? And how would you apply it in a real situation? (please comment below)
My opinion is:
‘Getting over’ has for now so long been misused by very many people. Imagine someone telling you to get over the death of a parent or a family member or your loved one. How possible is that? Or how many have been able to successfully achieve that? The same way it defeats purpose someone advising you to get over loosing your hand or leg to an accident or illness.
All these cases don’t consider something which is very important. The fact that, filling the gap left with loss of a loved one is almost impossible, it remains and continues even in future years. Situations sometimes get you to thinking much about this person, and before long, you realize there is much you have missed about him or her and even get too emotional about it, and you can’t help that they are never going to live again in blood and flesh. This could be even 20 years after the death of this person.

I think it better to call it dealing with the situation rather than getting over it. Dealing with something is personal and that is why people deal with situations differently and does not necessarily mean they have gotten over it. That was my thinking you can also leave a comment about what you think about it and share with other as well to hear their views.

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