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In the bad seasons

When at War

We will fight together

‘Dear do not stop! I will always be here, fighting with you.
Side by side we will battle together and when the misfortunes strike at you,
together we will hold the shield, for when we join forces nothing can take us down.
And when the shield cannot stop the sword, again together we will share its impact.
It is our war, not yours alone, and if it comes to our end we will give it our last short,
and in the books of records will dwell our names having fought to the end of times.
We will go, contented and with satisfaction we will join our ancestors, having left a
legacy behind.’

In good times

Time to party

Let us celebrate

‘We will set the date and invite all friends, relatives, and family.
It will be time for a party and celebration. We will share our joy and let it known
to the world that we are blessed. All will dine and have enough wine so that as they leave,
they understand that it is not only in the bad times that we need them but in good times too.
Then it shall be known the importance of union at all times, for we fight together in the bad
seasons and dine together in good times.’

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

I am a believer in good. A good that when we add to everything then we afford to lead the perfect lives we have all desired to have. Being a storyteller, I love good stories, because, after the tale, everybody walks home enlightened, motivated, inspired and can become a different person altogether.

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