Learn to slow down

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learn to slow down
control your speed

‘If you want to go fast then go alone, but to get far you have to go with others’ we must have heard this from someone or read it somewhere. Is it even true? Yet to find out.

How can you define slow? The simplest way is, slow is the condition we refer to something that is not fast. So that if something is in progress or in motion and it is not fast then it should be slow. Let us think of two people A and B moving from points x to y. Person A is on a motorcycle while Person B is on foot and they all start their journey from x towards y. Question of who gets to point y first should not even be asked, because it is so obvious. The destination is common but getting there comes with a lot of encounters for person B. As he walks along the way, he comes across very many things. Chances that he discovers new things along the way are very high. It, therefore, becomes easy realizing that along the way to point y, there is a pharmacy at a particular point, a supermarket at another point or grocery shop at the other point. Unlike Person A who is fast in motion and quickly gets to y.

Life is not a race
Life is not a race

In real life situation, when we are slow in motion then we get a chance to properly interact with our environment and this comes with a lot of lessons and discoveries. When we are moving very fast we may not even realize what is happening around as we pass and get to the other end with very little experience.
The best example is a journey to success. We all may not be starting from (x) a common starting point, but if we are all pursuing success, then the endpoint is a common destination, point (y). How we get there, becomes the most important thing. There should be no short cut when you want to be successful. Without shortcut is the slowest pace to success but still the best. There is a process you are going through and it is preparing you for greater things. In the process, you will learn how to deal with very many things that, going through it all, you only stop at getting to your success. You will then know how to deal with things at point y which otherwise would overwhelm you had you not passed through the process. However slow the process is, we should only learn to be consistent and determined to get all that we seek.

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