Life has to continue

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It should never end there… Life has to continue



We have to part😭

“But were things not working for us?
Okay, maybe not for us, but for me?
Was ours not going to be the best that has ever been?
Were we not a true example of what it means and it looks like to be in true love?
Oh! I thought the world had noticed it and recognized that true love does not know age!
It was just but the best thing that ever happened to me.

What happened?
We now don’t talk. I was ever the Queen but now worse than even her peasants would be.
I ever was his star and the light in his days but now, just another thing as are others. Could be even worse than the terrifying darkness of the night.
I was ever his everything, but now, the last thing he wishes to come across, like a bad omen.
What happened! Who stole everything from me! Why these heartbreaks and pain… Why??

That is what sometimes happens in life. Love may make you feel like your command everything on earth but in a split of a second, things take a different turn. You suddenly, find yourself in a zone of pain and before you can figure out what went wrong, it is already too much to accommodate. Odds are now against you and you against the world all by yourself.


Dealing with heartbreaks
Dealing with heartbreaks

Heartbreaks and breakups are as real as they sound and we must all have found ourselves here at one point in life. We should expect much more provided we are still willing to be loved and love back. Sometimes this situation hits us when we least expected. We are caught unaware. But should life stop there?

We are all created differently and it is because of this reason, that we cannot deal with things the same way, but there are levels we should not get ourselves beyond. Our worlds should not stop because of relationship issues. You should not stop breathing because your relationship has issues and you no longer talk. Worse is when maybe you are clean in the whole thing and it is your partner that has a problem.
For young people, especially at the universities and high schools, even minus the relationship that has now turned into a source of headache and stress, you have always had a dream to pursue, personal projects to work on and very many other constructive stuff to give enough attention. You don’t have to stay at hurting and crying for weeks or months and some even years. This might stop or delay other parts of your life, academically, religiously and ever health-wise.

try to salvage your relationship if you can
Try to salvage your relationship if you can

The point here is, whenever there is a problem between you two as lovers, and you feel the relationship can be salvaged, do it as soon as you can. Bring in parents to advise, visit counseling and guidance center so that you can talk, chart a solution and get things settled. However, whenever one of you has totally gone out of control and not willing to square things out, then know it is time to move on with your life. I have always liked the way we were advised during our first-year orientation program at the university, “do not end your life because of heartbreaks and relationship issues, instead move on quickly and be happy that he or she has created space for another handsome lad or a very beautiful las who has been admiring you all that time.
Indeed we should learn to move on as quickly as we can. It is after a break-up that we should reflect on the whole relationship and find out what and where the problem was. If we were on the wrong side, take note and make ourselves better. If the problem was on the other party, we already know how to chose next time we are willing to try another relationship. Again it should not kill the desire to get a perfect lady or lad for you, keep trying whenever your conscience tells you to give it a try. They say ‘trust your conscience,’ plus, ‘you will never know until you try it out.’ Also, relationships don’t work but it is ourselves involved that make it work.

Life has to continue…

It is time to invest elsewhere
invest in polishing your personality and profession

If you are still studying, invest a lot of time and energy in your studies. Decorate your personality and profession in all ways possible. Buy yourself the ability to be at a position to live a life comfortable enough with or without him or her. Do your research, you will agree with me that upon making a life for yourself, I mean, completing your studies and getting a well-paying job, buying your dream car and just achieving some of your goals, these ladies or men you admire start coming after you. In the case of ladies, you become so powerful and expensive that not just any class of men will approach you, but those with whom you share class. Life becomes even better.

I hope you could learn something and please share this with friends or family so that they also may feel inspired or motivated in one way or another. Leave a comment on what you think or feel about the article and I promise to respond. Until next time, I bid you farewell and a happy relationship. Adios!👋

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