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We will not last forever

A flower in its time is so bright and fresh. Even the bees can smell its nice scent and they are really attracted, they all come and come in numbers. Nectar-feeding birds can’t miss...

For better or for worse 0

It is what keeps us going

In the bad seasons ‘Dear do not stop! I will always be here, fighting with you. Side by side we will battle together and when the misfortunes strike at you, together we will hold...

Please help me get my kidney back! 1

The Lost Kidney

This time they were on a pursuit, not just business as usual but battling to save a life. It was a little girl’s life to be saved here and the battle she shared with...

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You are never alone!

Things have happened, are now happening and will still happen in the future. We have heard it somewhere or read from somewhere that ‘everything happens for a season and a reason. So maybe this...


Everything Being 2-sided

Ever looked deep into what it means by the saying ‘life is two-way-traffic’? of cause the context in which it is applied really matters. On a general view, this line of words really has...

Good, better or bad 0

Better is the Way

Being a language lover, this morning something really hit me so hard. It is from a conversation I was following in one of my favorite Sunday television shows. It is something to do with...



Life starts at conception. For everyone that is the beginning of struggles. One has to strive to obtain as much nutrients as possible from the mother just to sustain growth and development. Days go...

Four, Two & finally Three 0

Four, Two & finally Three

This already looks like some sequence; well, here it is 4, 2, 3. Then the question is? which animal’s life time shows this in one of its aspects of development? (please share with friends...

It is a decision made for us 1

It is a decision made for us

Have you ever felt like everything just happened and it is so unfair that no one even cares what you think or at least considers your point of view? Well, that must be the...

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