The Lost Kidney

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Please help me get my kidney back!
please help me get my kidney back!

This time they were on a pursuit, not just business as usual but battling to save a life. It was a little girl’s life to be saved here and the battle she shared with her father and uncle, father’s brother. And where was the mother? Somebody might be asking already.
She was not around. She passed away after battling illness for a long time when the daughter was only too young to have known her well. Now here is the daughter at a very critical health condition and bedridden. By her side are, her uncle and daddy who are also fighting side by side, to save the life of this young girl just as life had positioned them. (It is a reminder that in whatever we are going through, there will always be someone to fight with us, most of the time it is family as the bond dictates. It is so natural and we have no choice but to stand with those we love and just fight to the end of edges)

Do you know what these brothers were dealing with here, to save their beloved? This girl had a very uncommon kidney disfunction and to treat this condition that had lead to kidney failure, required a transplant, at least to replace one of the kidneys. All had been done and a kidney was available for transplant. (Thanks to those people kind enough to donate their organs to save another life somewhere). Money had been paid for the order of the kidney and next was delivery. In between ordering and delivery arose a problem. This kidney went missing and retrieving it became a mission. Meanwhile, the girl’s life was clinging on a very feeble string somewhere in between a valley separating life and death. She could breathe her last any time.

We must find who stole the kidney

Investigations are underway and a lot of investments were directed towards finding this kidney. The first day passes, comes a second day and follows the third, yet there is no positive finding. It doesn’t take a week and the kidney is located. It is time to get it back, but not without a war.
As the findings showed, it is a man from a very rich family that was in possession of this kidney. (A disadvantage to the poor. Poverty renders people powerless. Is this rich man not able to get himself another kidney from somewhere else?) As it already may look like, getting the kidney back is not just going to be a matter of come-take-and-leave. This home is heavily guarded with more than enough soldiers and security guards. CCTV installations everywhere.
Even as these two brothers approach, they are already detected and security is enhanced immediately. There is no one to come in or go out.
It is time for war and the trumpet has been blown. ‘It is time to take what is ours!’-‘not without a war’

Determination Knows no barrier.
Determined until it is done

But, ‘Determination knows no barriers.’ They say. These two fought until they reached the last man with what they went for. (Sometimes we have some difficulties in our way, and we think it is supposed to bar us from getting what we desire to achieve, but instead, these are to make us fight harder. This is a way that life uses to give us something to fight for because otherwise what would life be worth if we had all we ever wanted at our disposal!)
These two, the father and the uncle strike so hard seeking that which belonged to them. In front of them is this rich man, but very horrified at the moment having no security and wondering whether he could survive a bullet in the head. He is questioned and asked to produce the kidney in exchange for his life but he is hesitant, this is already a communication that he is protecting someone.

Life or death
The kidney or you die

At gunpoint, he is forced to disclose where the kidney was. This leads them to a room where it all ended. It is at this moment in time that they all got drained, left powerless, speechless and just too weak to end another life. Guess what welcomed their eyes when they got into that room. On a bed was lying a young boy, very innocent and was about the same as their daughter. He looked so weak as he had just been through an operation to replace one of his kidneys, and poised at a condition better described as fighting for life, just as was the situation with their daughter.

All those struggles and wars, they went through to this end and just walk away without what they sought! Yet their little girl was waiting on the success of their mission. Should they kill this young boy, get the kidney and go use it to save their girl? And what could you have done?

I have stopped fighting. I tried all I could.

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