We will not last forever

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Bright and fresh

A flower in its time is so bright and fresh. Even the bees can smell its nice scent and they are really attracted, they all come and come in numbers. Nectar-feeding birds can’t miss the site. The petals are so bright and even as far as they are flying in the air the brightness keep calling them. Bright flowers are attractive and even human beings want to be around them. The only problem is that they don’t remain like that forever. After some time they start getting dull and die away. They are no longer attract anything and you can easily pass by without realizing their presence.

The same case applies to human beings. At a point in life, we are so perfect and everything about us is as attractive as the flowers are with their scent and brightness. The difference is, we don’t want as many people around us as it is the case with the flowers. Many people become so proud that they cannot associate with a particular class of people. They keep turning their backs even on friends and family. But before it is long ‘they fade and die away’ Their status change and they are back to their normal condition.

I think, at all times we should try to be the human being we are created to be. We should embrace the humane character that makes us human beings we are. We should learn to appreciate everyone at all times and treat them the same way we would like to be treated, whether rich or poor. We will never stop being human beings, but our status may keep changing every season.

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

I am a believer in good. A good that when we add to everything then we afford to lead the perfect lives we have all desired to have. Being a storyteller, I love good stories, because, after the tale, everybody walks home enlightened, motivated, inspired and can become a different person altogether.

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