You are never alone!

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You are never alone.

Things have happened, are now happening and will still happen in the future. We have heard it somewhere or read from somewhere that ‘everything happens for a season and a reason. So maybe this is your season and it is you to try and find a reason.

The point here is that life throws in our way a lot of stuff and may bring us happiness or sorrow. In good times, we are really happy that things are working for us, and it is good to express that in whichever way we want. On the other hand, it is sorrow when misfortunes strike. It is at this point that we lament most of the time, and just become so negative about everything. It is also accepted to express that as people handle such situations differently. The question is, does it affect you in any way?

When we are going through a lot of difficulties and we find ourselves in a lot of trouble, the world becomes so small for us, we suddenly feel that everything has stopped working and it causes a lot of worrying. For a student, may come financial crisis, and chances of being stopped from taking classes or examination are just so high. Accompanying that maybe that, parents are also not able to provide the financial support meant to take care of your upkeep. At around the same time, you also have had quarrels with your girlfriend or boyfriend and simply put, things are not good between the two of you. Before enough time can space these problems you also receive a call from home that, one of your siblings is seriously sick and is admitted in the hospital fighting for life, under a condition better not mentioned. It is at this point that it feels too much to take.

The above-mentioned condition could find anyone.

How do you deal with it? Some people decide not to talk to anyone about their situations and keeps everything for themselves. They spend most of the time alone and their social lives just die for a period of time. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS FOR THE MIND. It could kill you, and for many, it is at this time that it dawns on them that depression is real. Others may not understand what they are undergoing. People have done crazy things to deal with this situation and the end has always been their demise.

Could there be a better HOW TO handle this situation?

There is and I will share how I have done it before and it worked.
The first and most important way to deal with depression is by SHARING & COMMUNICATION. Let me call it talking. Many people lack a voice when they are undergoing depression, as they tend to hide everything and keep it for themselves. On the contrary, we should learn to share when we have a problem. There is some magic, secretly hidden in sharing our issues with those we trust. From sharing, comes some energy, encouragement, and motivation.

It is good to talk

This makes it very important.

A PROBLEM SHARED IS A PROBLEM HALF SOLVED. We have heard this at a point in life and it is very true.
When we come together, sit down, and share with friends and loved ones what issues we are having and the difficulties we are going through in life, there is this part of you, that becomes freed and there is lesser load on it than before. This organ I am talking about is the brain, the master of all body operations. It even becomes better and encouraging to learn that others around us are going through rougher times than us. You will hear what your friend is going through, compare to your situation and end up sympathizing with them because yours is not even a quarter of what they are dealing with. How could you have known all that if not for sharing? Sometimes, the friend you are sharing with has been through a similar situation in the past and may give you some tips on how they dealt with it and came through to the other end safe.

Let us talk

We should learn to communicate when there are issues in our lives. It is time to call at a friend’s place and just spend the afternoon talking about your lives. Call mama or daddy or siblings, and just be free, tell them the situation and a briefing of how life is on our side. The response may not give and immediate remedy but, in that sharing is magic and healing.
We could only have help if we open up to talk and share. Also, it is worth having it in mind that whatever we are dealing with now, we are not the first. Very may people we know have dealt with it before and won the battle. It is our era to deal with the same and people are always willing to help. Let us have our voices, speaking up and loud enough to get the necessary support to go through the tough times. It is so unfortunate that others quickly think of suicide at such times.

No need eliminating

Shame on them!! SUICIDE IS A TEMPORARY SOLUTION TO A PERMANENT PROBLEM. They should know and understand better.
Every other person is battling a thing or two in their lives. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Let us learn to share and talk because the answers we are seeking are just around or within ourselves.

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

I am a believer in good. A good that when we add to everything then we afford to lead the perfect lives we have all desired to have. Being a storyteller, I love good stories, because, after the tale, everybody walks home enlightened, motivated, inspired and can become a different person altogether.

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