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You will definitely be next

Who your friends are

Who are your friends?

You have nine drunkard friends, call yourself the tenth. If four of your closest friend are thieves be sure to become the fifth. The same way, if four of your closest friends are millionaires, start calling yourself the fifth or nine of them are billionaires, definitely you are going to be the tenth billionaire in that group. Simply put, mind your company.

Who exactly make your company? With whom do you spend most of your time? There is this one characteristic that human beings possess and it makes them a group of very advanced creatures. This is the ability to adapt to changes in our environment. Other living organisms also adapt, but the rate of adaptation in human beings is really advanced and one of the causatives of this situation is because of the advanced senses we possess. We are simply the smartest creatures on earth. It is because of this, that we are easily influenced by those we allow to be around us.

Those around us

Who do we allow around us?

A group of people who share something in common can easily influence you to share the same with them the moment you become part of that company. If you spend time with people thinking and reasoning averagely, hence a mediocre lifestyle, how do you expect to be different? Even if you were smart before, you soon get yourself in the same level of reasoning they have.
We should spend more time with people with whom we share dreams and ambitions. It is even better if they are ahead of you in reasoning and thinking, for they will automatically challenge you to do better. The moment you become part of that company be sure to learn what they do or did to get to whatever they are. That is why spending time with millionaires gives you the tips of becoming one and it is because millionaires should be people who most of the time their conversations evolve around money and its topics, like investments, financial management, and others. Spend more time with successful people, you will automatically become successful.

Get rid of the bad friends

Do not allow useless friends around you

It is a calling to examine our company, find out whether being there is of good or not then quickly react. We should, therefore, choose wisely who to keep around and those to shed off. Not everybody around us wants to achieve what we want in life and sharing with them our big dreams is like intoxicating them. Let us be around those who dream with us in the same line or even bigger than we are and if they have made it in life, DEFINITELY YOU WILL BE THE NEXT.

Simon Rabuogi

Simon Rabuogi

I am a believer in good. A good that when we add to everything then we afford to lead the perfect lives we have all desired to have. Being a storyteller, I love good stories, because, after the tale, everybody walks home enlightened, motivated, inspired and can become a different person altogether.

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